Our Mission:

Give you the best CBD experience

Our team started Upside™ CBD because we not only believe in the power of CBD, but we believe there should be no compromise in taking CBD. We’ve searched out the highest quality ingredients so you can achieve ”peace + relief“ and “peace by piece” in the way that best suits you. Whether it means using our soothing topicals, eating our all natural Fruit Bites for a delicious, real fruit experience, or Gelcaps for a more direct method to ingest our high quality CBD, we want to make sure you take full advantage of the Upside of CBD.

  • ​effective

    We source and develop only the highest quality CBD products so you can get CBD’s full health benefits. Our Topicals have been created by doctors using Nano CBD isolate to increase effectiveness. Our Fruit Bites and Gelcaps feature VESIsorb® technology, maximizing bioavailability, making it 5 times more effective than other CBD products.

  • ​natural

    We believe nothing should come between you and your CBD. Our Topicals are created using proprietary botanical and terpene blends. Our Fruit Bites are all natural, 100% real fruit. Our Gummy Bares are the purest gummies you will find. They are sugar free without preservatives, dyes or GMOs.

  • delicious

    The best CBD experience starts in your mouth before working through your body. Our Fruit Bites are as close as you can get to biting into actual fruit. Our Gummy Bares are deliciously tart and our CBD Melts are minty and fresh.

CBD is for everyone

Research on CBD is increasing every day. People use it to help with sleep, for relief of stress and anxiety, soothing inflammation, and the treatment of a variety of conditions. Please check out our Why CBD page for more information.

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ABOUT VESIsorb® 5X more effective than standard CBD

We have partnered with VESIsorb® to bring their patented, world-class colloidal delivery system to you. VESIsorb® allows our CBD oil to mix with water, drastically increasing bioavailability, making our CBD gelcaps and Fruit Bites totally body ready. This increased bioavailability means that our gelcaps are 5X more effective than standard CBD capsules.

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Customers on the Upside™

our customers enjoy our products for their effectiveness and their deliciousness

  • Suzy J., Altoona, PA

    "I have used every Upside product; the patch, the roll on, the extreme cream and I love them all. 

    My aches and pains are gone immediately upon application and my skin is so soft from your foot and bath salts.  Thanks so much for making these products."

  • Gary S., Warren, OH

    "OMG I have never used such amazing products for pain relief.  I use Upside Cream after tennis for tennis arm and the pain is relieved so fast.  I love the small and the absorption!  I love the patch and roll on too!"

  • John T., Pittsburgh, PA

    "I have tried 10 other CBD producst and Upside is the ONLY one that works and gives me relief from my back pain.  The Extreme Cream is brilliant.  I used Papa & Barkley until I found Upside and there is no comparison, Upside wins hands down!  The best for pain relief!"